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A group of people standing next to a sign on youtube, watch now on today we're on a mission to get more kids on trikes and you can help!

As Seen On The Today Show – Liberty Trikes for Kids!

[Maggie] I love swimming, I love ballet, I like playing at the park.

[Today Show] Nine-year-old, Maggie Monnin and her eight-year-old sister, Charlie are your typical kids.

[Charlie] I like to swim, and I like to call my friends.

[Today Show] Awesome, so you like to be on the phone a lot huh?

[Charlie] Yeah!

[Today Show] But ever since they were born, basic skills like running jumping, even walking have been a struggle. Can you take me back to when Maggie was little, and you were pregnant with Charlie at the time and when you first started noticing that there was something different?

[Nora (mom)] I was probably right around when Maggie was about a year old. We noticed that she struggled, to pull herself to stand and she really wasn't taking her first steps. We noticed that she had low muscle tone in her legs.

[Today Show] Numerous doctors’ visits and tests revealed Maggie had Spinal Muscular Atrophy or SMA. A neurodegenerative disease that can be fatal.

[Scott (dad)] Your world fractures, when you hear that your kid has SMA and you don't know, what to do.

[Today Show] It's also genetic, their parents Scott and Nora had no idea, they were carriers and when Charlie was born, they got the same crushing diagnosis.

[Nora (mom)] We're lucky, that they have each other they're in it together they have someone who knows exactly what they're going through, [Charlie speaking] can support each other and she can support me, I can support her during tough times.

[Today Show] As active as the girls are, even a simple bike ride with the neighbors is exhausting.

[Scott (dad)] They jump up on the back of this couch and look out the window and watch them go by. You know my dream for them is to get them on the other side of the window, right to be out there with those kids

[Today Show] it's a story Jason Kraft has heard before. Kraft owns Electric Bike Technologies in Croydon, Pennsylvania, making motorized tricycles, typically for senior citizens but in the fall of 2019, Kim Heinrich came in looking for a bike, her daughter Allison, who also as SMA could ride without getting tired.

[Jason Kraft] They came in for this test ride and Allison got on and took to Liberty Trike like a fish to water. She was just zipping around, at that point, right there, it was a paternal instinct to say, "look this is yours." Like that kid has to have this.

[Today Show] Not only did he give them the bike for free, he had Kim connect him with other families in the SMA community. Giving away 10 more trikes last year! To get a gift like this, it really must mean so much to these families.

[Jason Kraft] Some of them need help and we're going to do what we can. They're the most driven people and they're the most grateful people, I've ever met.

[Today Show] Which brings us back to Maggie and Charlie, who have been on a wait list for two of Jason's trikes. Is that something you would like to have one day?

[Maggie & Charlie] Yeah definitely.

[Today Show] I see those blinds are closed right now and Maggie and Charlie, I don't think you should wait for those bikes, anymore. So, Scott if you could take your family outside, we've got something special for you right outside that window.

[Scott (dad)] Well all right girls, let's go.

[Jason Kraft] Hey guys! All right guys, why don't you come down and see your new tricycles, okay your new Liberty Trike. All right Charlie, take a look because you got the barbie pink, right. When the other kids out riding, you guys are going to be out riding too including dad and including mom, so you can go on rides. If mom will stop crying, we'll see, we'll see. Can you guys get on by yourselves, you want to check it out? Oh, here we go, look at these smiles. How's that?

[Maggie] Cool!

[Jason Kraft] All right, you got it yeah, oh Charlie you're doing awesome.

[Today Show] Girls, I have to ask you, what do you think? How is it?

[Maggie] Awesome!

[Charlie] Awesome!

[Today Show] I stayed on facetime with them, the whole time as they were just learning how to get comfortable with the trike and Maggie and Charlie's trikes, are just two out of 20 that Jason has pledged to give away to kids with SMA, this year. That's so wonderfully! Beautiful! To go outside and ride a bike with your friends, that's what every kid wants. That's fantastic, yeah thank you, Jason, it's so nice to meet them, a wonderful family too.

On the TODAY show, Jason Kraft surprised 2 young sisters battling a rare disease together. Nine-year-old Maggie Monnin and her 8-year-old sister Charlie have spinal muscular atrophy, a neurodegenerative disease that can be fatal. But their smiles are a lot brighter thanks to a surprise gift from Jason Kraft, who makes electric tricycles called Liberty Trike.
We're on a mission to get more kids on trikes!