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Electric Bike Technologies Celebrates Legal Victory Against Unscrupulous Law Firm Over ADA Website Claim

Electric Bike Technologies Celebrates Legal Victory Against Unscrupulous Law Firm Over ADA Website Claim

Croydon, PA, September 23, 2023 — Electric Bike Technologies, a leader in electric mobility solutions, proudly announces its recent legal triumph over a vexatious ADA website claim, with the dedicated support of Brann & Isaacson, esteemed attorneys and counselors at law.

In a legal battle against the unscrupulous law firm Mizrahi Kroub, Electric Bike Technologies emerged victorious, defending its integrity and upholding its commitment to accessible electric mobility solutions. Previously, Electric Bike Technologies engaged Brann & Isaacson after the initiation of an ADA website claim. Demonstrating unwavering determination to challenge the claim, opposing counsel eventually consented to a case dismissal with prejudice.

The victory appeared resolute, but Mizrahi Kroub attempted to revive the dispute in New York state court, purporting to "enforce" a non-existent settlement. In response, Brann & Isaacson initiated a counterclaim and sought discovery, a strategic move that prompted Mizrahi Kroub to withdraw its second case against Electric Bike Technologies, once again without any financial settlement.

Jason Kraft, CEO of Electric Bike Technologies, expressed his dedication to preserving the rights of small business owners and entrepreneurs against predatory law firms. "Upon discovering unethical law firms preying upon small business owners and entrepreneurs, subjecting them to intimidating legal demands and intrusive examination of their personal and financial affairs through discovery, I resolved to take action in order to prevent future businesses from enduring this ordeal."

Kraft continued, "Remarkably, our company became a target for discrimination against individuals with disabilities, despite a substantial portion of our business dedicated to assisting people with disabilities. These opportunistic firms thrive on the expectation that small business proprietors will opt for swift settlements rather than challenging them and incurring the associated costs. This practice is inherently unjust, and it is my hope that an increasing number of individuals will confront such unscrupulous law firms that exploit small businesses."

The victory reflects the resolve of Electric Bike Technologies and its unwavering commitment to its mission of providing accessible and innovative electric mobility solutions.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Jason Kraft
CEO, Electric Bike Technologies, Inc.
Email: jason@electricbiketech dot com

About Electric Bike Technologies, Inc.

Electric Bike Technologies is a leading provider of electric bicycle and tricycle conversion kits, electric scooters, and mobility solutions. Our mission is to provide eco-friendly, cost-effective, and accessible electric mobility options for all individuals. With over a decade of experience, we are committed to delivering quality products that enhance personal transportation while promoting a cleaner, greener planet.

About Brann & Isaacson

Brann & Isaacson is a distinguished law firm specializing in various legal services, including ADA compliance and defense. With a strong track record of assisting clients in navigating complex legal challenges, they have once again proven their dedication to protecting the interests of their clients. For more information, visit [Brann & Isaacson](

Mizrahi Kroub & Tompkins PC:

Access Public Documents and Strategies for Fighting Back:
Electric Bike Technologies and Brann & Isaacson welcome inquiries from small business attorneys defending against similar frivolous ADA lawsuits. Reach out to us or Brann & Isaacson directly for public documents outlining our ordeal and strategies used to fight back.

Electric Bike Technologies also strongly advises small businesses not to engage lawyers charging a small upfront flat rate, as these lawyers are often complicit in this unethical game. Electric Bike Technologies initially made the mistake of hiring such a lawyer and encourages businesses to contact legal professionals like Brann & Isaacson, even if they must settle, to defend their rights.