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Fox 29 Philadelphia: Giving Tuesday

It's Giving Tuesday with Fox 29 News and Jason Kraft.

[Fox News] Let's head out to Jen. It is Giving Tuesday, what do you got in Bucks County?

[Jen Frederick] Good morning, this this guy is giving like, you don't know. Okay, can I do it? Can I go?

[Jason] Yes, carefully!

[Jen Frederick] Move out of the way, it's really cool and really fast! We'll talk about it after the break.

[Fox News] Well the Electric Bike Company, in Croydon is helping out kids battling with Spinal Muscular Atrophy and Jen is with them now because they are up to something on this Giving Tuesday.

[Jen Frederick] Yeah okay, so it's really funny. No one knows, where you guys are. You're here in Croydon, Bucks County. Good morning!

[Jason Kraft] Good Morning!

[Jen Frederick] All right, you guys make the most trikes, electric trikes in the whole entire world, right?

[Jason Kraft] Well we're number one, for electric trikes in North America, for sure.

[Jen Frederick] Okay, yeah and was it earlier this summer you met a girl?

[Jason Kraft] Uh, it was about a year ago, I met a little girl, named Allison and her mom Kim from Maryland. Allison has SMA which is a rare muscular disease, and she doesn't walk too well, use your legs too well but they came up here. Her mom, Kim was really looking for something to help her (Allison) with mobility. So, we connected, and they were here for a test ride. Allison, hopped on one of our Liberty Trikes and um she just had a smile from here to here and it was written, right then and there. That we were going to start helping out kids with SMA and get them more mobile.

[Jen Frederick] You gave her bike?

[Jason Kraft] Yes!

[Jen Frederick] and then, this year you've given away 10 trikes to kids with SMA.

[Jason Kraft] yeah, we thought about, what we can do, and we decided, we can give away ten. Ten in 2020 and we're going to do twenty in 2021 and as we keep growing and we're able to do it. We're going to give away more.

[Jen Frederick] Dude, everyone wants a bike! Everyone wants a trike! It's covid, you can't get your hands on one.

[Jason Kraft] yeah

[Jen Frederick] why did you think, it was important to give away, these highly coveted, you know bikes?

[Jason Kraft] Well actually, that happened before Covid, right? So, it was it was a little over a year ago, when they came and as a parent I could just see in Kim, as a parent, that she would do anything for Allison and they had been looking for mobility devices and they, you know, she hadn't ridden, anything like Liberty Trike and when she got on it, it was just such a natural fit and like I said she had a big smile on and everybody was excited about it and I just said, "you know, she needs to have that" and I would do anything for my kids. I know you, would for yours. So as a parent, when you see something like that and a little girl, you just do it. You don't really think about it.

[Jen Frederick] Okay, so tell me about these trikes. So normally, you say it's more of an elderly population, that are buying these things, right?

[Jason Kraft] Yeah originally Liberty Trike, was you know kind of designed, listening to seniors, who wanted mobility but didn't want to get on a mobility scooter

[Jen Frederick] but they look really cool, and you've made them so they can fold up and go in the back of my car.

[Jason Kraft] Yeah absolutely. You can put Liberty Trike together or break it down in under 10 minutes all by hand zero tools and it's all direct to consumers.

[Jen Frederick] even my grandma can do that,

[Jason Kraft] even your grandma can do it I promise.

[Jen Frederick] When we look at these colors clearly maybe it started with the elderly, but younger people want them I’m assuming?

[Jason Kraft] No you know, our senior buyers, I mean they love all the different colors. There's a big Facebook group and they actually name them after the colors and this and that. So, you can see we've got 10 vibrant colors. We've got lavender back there, we've got the 80s barbie pink, is what this is called.

[Jen Frederick] I really like barbie pink. I'm not going to lie.

[Jason Kraft] Yeah!

[Jen Frederick] You also have recumbent bikes, over there those are electric as well?

[Jason Kraft] We do we have about 13 different electric tricycles. We got about eight different recumbent trikes. You can see the cool factor here with the Fat-Tad, this has the fat four inch tires on this recumbent. This is pretty popular; this is more of a younger obviously demographic. We've got cargo bikes back there and then across the way, you see all those bikes. Those are all latest technology, two-wheel bikes and we'll be open for test rides. We'll have a big advertisement, a big billboard on 95 north coming in March.

[Jen Frederick] So for people who are doing well during Covid,

[Jason Kraft] yes

[Jen Frederick] what do you want to say to them, like obviously you gave away, one bike before Covid but now that you've been successful and doing well. Why do you think it's important for all of us to do even a little something ion Giving Tuesday?

[Jason Kraft] Well you know like I said, it was a natural, for me just to see a parent, that was trying to help their kid. You know and so that was pretty natural for me. I mean if people want to give things away, I think you should do what you want. I think you know people do need a hand during Covid, obviously

[Jen Frederick] yeah

[Jason Kraft] and I think we're one of the really lucky companies, that's benefiting from the current situation. So, you know, we're going to give back. Right now, we're trying to give away jobs because we have a lot of demand here the bicycle industry is crazy, and we've benefited from that. We're very lucky, to be able to remain open. You want them, right yeah

[Jen Frederick] Okay and as we wrap it up, I don't think you have any faith in me, when you put me on that trike. You put it on one. I put it on four, right. Scale of one to ten, how did I do?

[Jason Kraft] I think you're like a nine. You did really well.

[Jen Frederick] I'M A NINE! That means, I have to come back, to be a ten!

[Jason Kraft] not as well as Allison but very well and come back any time, thank you!

[Jen Frederick] Thanks for being a great guy. All right, thanks! Seriously, they put it on a one, I'm a four! I'm at least a four!

[Fox News] Does it go to a ten?

[Jason Kraft] It goes to five and that's fifth

[Jen Frederick] and I put it on a four

[Fox News] well it's not too late crank it up to five and go at it!

[Jen Frederick] I don't know what number that without it okay,

[Fox News] okay, let's cut away, just in case. I know right.

Jen Frederick from Fox 29 News was interviewing Jason Kraft for the Giving Tuesday segment. Jason talked about donating 10 Liberty Trikes to children with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), jobs and other electric bikes he sells.