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Tag: Small Business Defense

Electric Bike Technologies Secures Another Legal Win Against Predatory ADA Lawsuits

Electric Bike Technologies Secures Another Legal Win Against Predatory ADA Lawsuits

Croydon, PA, November 24, 2023 — Electric Bike Technologies, a pioneer in electric mobility solutions, is delighted to announce a second significant legal victory against another unscrupulous law firm's ADA website claim. This win, guided by the legal expertise of Brann & Isaacson, marks a continued stance against predatory legal practices.

In a recent case handled in the Southern District of New York, Brann & Isaacson successfully led Electric Bike Technologies to a dismissal of an ADA website case, initiated by Mars Khaimov, known for filing numerous such claims. Facing a motion to dismiss, the plaintiff’s counsel chose to withdraw the case with prejudice, acknowledging the firm's resilience and commitment to justice.

Jason Kraft, CEO of Electric Bike Technologies, remarked, "These unscrupulous lawyers will never allow their plaintiffs, used as pawns in an unethical legal scheme, to undergo discovery; so for us it's worth the cost to push back. Once they know you're not going to settle, they know they'll end up losing money and time as well. Our 2-0 win record is a testament to our resolve, and we're ready to defend against any future claims that may come our way. We encourage other companies to resist these baseless lawsuits, helping bring an end to such exploitative practices."

For more on this victory, refer to Brann & Isaacson's detailed account at Brann & Isaacson's Blog.

Electric Bike Technologies' triumph in this case underscores our ongoing commitment to safeguarding the rights of small businesses. Such victories are not just about our company but symbolize a broader fight against predatory legal tactics that target small enterprises.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Jason Kraft CEO, Electric Bike Technologies, Inc.
Email: jason@electricbiketech dot com

About Electric Bike Technologies, Inc.

Electric Bike Technologies is a leading innovator in electric bicycles, tricycles, and mobility solutions. We are dedicated to providing sustainable and accessible electric mobility for all. With over a decade of expertise, we strive to deliver high-quality, eco-friendly transportation alternatives.

About Brann & Isaacson

Specializing in ADA compliance and defense among other legal services, Brann & Isaacson has demonstrated their prowess in protecting their clients' interests, as evidenced in their recent legal victories.
For additional information, visit Brann & Isaacson.

Mars Khaimov ( doesn't have a website, likely because they have gotten so much negative publicity online. A Google search for the firm will give you all the results you need to better understand just how many enemies they have created by filing hundreds of malicious and frivolous ADA claims:

Electric Bike Technologies continues to advise against engaging with lawyers seeking quick settlements in these ADA cases and recommends consulting with firms like Brann & Isaacson for robust legal defense.