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An E-Mobility Management Company

Electric Bike Technologies Inc.: Powering Innovation Through Expert Management

Welcome to Electric Bike Technologies Inc., your trusted partner in the e-mobility sector. Since 2008, we have been instrumental in steering some of the most reputable electric bike brands towards success. Specializing as a management company, we focus on elevating the brands we've help build from the ground up—, E-BikeKit™ brand Conversion Systems, Liberty Trike, and Our expertise allows these brands to achieve their full potential and reach significant milestones in the e-mobility industry.

Our Role as a Management Company Electric Bike Technologies Inc. now operates primarily as a management entity, meticulously overseeing operations, strategy, and growth for these dynamic brands. This focused approach lets us leverage our deep industry knowledge and operational expertise more effectively, ensuring each brand flourishes within its unique market segment.

What We Do

  • Operational Excellence: We manage all day-to-day operations, including production, supply chain management, quality control, and logistics, ensuring seamless brand operations.
  • Strategic Direction: Our leadership team crafts and guides the strategic direction for each brand, focusing on innovation, market expansion, and enhanced customer engagement.
  • Support Services: We provide comprehensive support services such as marketing, sales, customer service, and financial management, each tailored to meet the distinct needs of our brands.

Our Client's Brands

  • Offers innovative electric tricycles that promise stability, comfort, and independence for riders of all ages.
  • E-BikeKit™: Provides top-of-the-line conversion systems that transform any bike into a powerful electric bike, offering a customizable riding experience.
  • Liberty Trike: Delivers specialized trikes designed for ease of use and enhanced mobility, catering especially to seniors and those seeking a dependable, comfortable ride.
  • Your go-to source for the latest in electric bicycles, accessories, and cutting-edge gear.

Moving Forward As Electric Bike Technologies Inc. continues to manage and advance these brands, our commitment to enhancing your e-mobility experience is stronger than ever. Join us on this journey to redefine transportation, one innovation at a time.