BattleBot Overdrive uses Electric Bike Technologies hub motors!

Electric Bike

BattleBots legend Christian Carlberg and his company C2 Robotics are using Electric Bike Technologies direct drive hub motors to power ‘OverDrive’, their latest BattleBot on ABC!

Team C2 Robotics is set to battle again tonight at 9pm EST on ABC!

For the past two decades Christian Carlberg and the C2 Robotics Team have been making remote control mobile platforms for commercial, military and the entertainment industries.

This year, returning from a 10 year long hiatus from BattleBots, Christian, the “legend” as he’s referred to by the show’s hosts, looks to make a comeback using some serious drive power. Using four powerful direct drive hub motors and an incredibly powerful lift mechanism, Christian and Overdrive take on the competition and drive their way through battles.

With the advance of brushless motor technology it was a logical choice for C2 Robotics to use Electric Bike Tech’s direct drive hub motors to power ‘OverDrive’, their latest BattleBot on ABC.

“The E-BikeKit™ hub motor gave us the power we needed in a very compact space for OverDrive to overpower the competition”, said Carlberg.

Jason Kraft, the founder of Electric Bike Technologies said, “Christian is a really smart guy and he’s been great to work with. It’s exciting to see a part of what we’re doing here with electric bike technologies crossing over into the robotics world.”

Overdrive battles again tonight in the latest airing of BattleBots on ABC. Be sure to tune in and watch!

Watch Overdrive Battle Again Tonight on ABC, 9 PM Eastern!

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Watch the series premiere of BattleBots June 21st at 9pm on ABC.

Shot and edited by Joey Fameli
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